Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lisa Marie

The Car..
It was smashed all the way to the center console. This was one time it was good to not have a seatbelt on. When they found her she was curled up in the passenger seat..

I'm pretty sure there were angels watching over her.

Amie in the ICU with our sweet Lisa Marie
She is so precious..
So for the first week she had no short term memory and she would constantly ask where she was, what happened, who hit her, etc etc.. and I told her once that we were at the hospital in murray and it was close to the cottonwood hospital where I was born and asked her if she remembered how she took care of me then.. The next night she was asking Amie what happened and everything.. She was quiet for a second and had a worried look on her face and asked.. "Am I pregnant?" haha it was so cute!

Christmas Day

I wanted to watchover and comfort her like she has done for me my entire life, she is so giving..

She was in so much pain those first few days yet whenever a family member came in she was only concerned about them. Your true character comes out in times like these and hers was truley selfless.. I am amazed

A Picture is worth 1000 words.. and this one really is, you can feel the love they have for eachother when you see this.. It broke my dads heart to have her have to go through this and be in so much pain.. Its kind of like how they say twins can literally feel eachothers pain, he felt it with mom.. I will forever look up to them for showing me how a marriage should be..

FULL of Love

Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Christmas Miracle

On Christmas eve morning our worlds stopped.. Lisa Marie, our beautiful mother, wife, and loving, selfless friend was in a horrible car accident. She was running some errands in washington preparing for our family gathering and was tboned. She was driving a little mazda 3 and was hit by a yukon.. When I got the call I was just getting ready to leave work at the mall and I noticed that I'd missed like 10 calls from my family and as soon as I saw that I knew something was wrong.. I called Amie back and she could hardly speak, she told me that Mom was in a car accident and they didn't know if she was going to make it.. that was seriously the worst moment of my life. I called Kavin, he had already heard and was on his way. I sat in the mall surrounded by crowds of people praying that my wonderful mom would be alright.. Shortly after we got on the freeway Amie called and said that the Bishop, Dad, and Tav gave her a blessing and when the Bishop was done he said "They're going to take her up north, she has a long road of recovery but she is going to be okay." At that point I felt through the spirit that she was going to be okay.. Shortly after that blessing the doctors decided to life flight her to the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray.. So instead of driving to St George we drove to the hospital and waited.. and the rest of the family followed.. When my mom and dad arrived, I went back in the ER with my dad.. Mom was surrounded by doctors and nurses that were working on her. It was so painul to see her laying there lifeless.. If anyone knows her you know how full of life she is.. she always has a smile on her face and is ready to love anyone she meets.. We sat in the hall and just prayed.. The power of prayer is amazing.. We both knew that she was going to pull through we were just worried about what was to come for our fragile Lisa.. In St George they told us that she had broken her shoulder, ribs, pelvis, femur, and sacrum and possibly had serious head trauma. When she arrived in Murray she was still in bad condition.. but she didnt have a broken shoulder or femur and there was a little bleeding on her brain, 2 broken ribs and a collapsed lung.. I know that through the power of the blessing she had that she lived.. when an ER nurse from our ward saw her when she was brought in she hurried and called the bishop and said you better hurry here cause shes not going to make it.. Miracles happen through the priesthood and I'm grateful that the lord has blessed our family to be able to keep her. I now truly know how fragile life is.. In an instant your whole world can be turned upside down.. and in those moments you realize that all the stuff that you worry about or get stressed over, little petty things really in the end don't matter. What matters is family and love. "all you need is love!" the first night we were in the ICU, none of my siblings had made it to the hospital yet so I was ableto sit with my dad by my beautiful mothers bedside for a while. She was on a ventilator and wasn't concious but we still talked to her.. telling her that we loved her and that she's strong and to please hold on.. One time I whispered mama lisa I Love You, I love you so much and it was the so comforting because her eyebrow went up and I knew that she heard me it was such a precious moment.. My dad was so amazing and continues to be.. The whole two weeks in the hospital he stayed by her side.. Looking at him it was as if he felt her pain.. I have never seen a couple more in love then my parents, they are always kissing, hugging, and flirting.. Its like they just started dating.. so bradley my wonderful dad stayed by her side the whole time always there to hold her hand when she was in pain and always trying to help her in any way. Early Christmas morning Dad, Amie, Tav, Kav and I all knelt in a circle in the waiting room and each took a turn to pray.. In that circle I felt so much love and I knew in that moment everything really does happen for a reason. Life is Amazing and I am so grateful that there is still a light in my mamas eyes! She is the sweetest thing ever.. She ended being in the ICU for 4 days and in the hospital for a total of 2 weeks.. She is now at home on her road to recovery.. Her pelvis was fractured in 4 places, and her sacrum and ribs were broken at well so it is going to take a long time for her to get back on her feet.. One day she said to me "I don't want to survive, I want to thrive.." I want to follow her example and live with an open heart and love others and do my best everyday to make this world a better place. I also wanted to say how amazing all of our friends and family have been and even complete strangers they've been so thoughtful, loving, and supportive it really just lifted our spirits and also cheered mama lisa up to see how many people love and care for her.. people have just been so loving and our family is so grateful for the prayers that have been said, we have truly felt them. I am so blessed to have the most amazing mother she is the best friend and truly cares for others.. I miss her dearly.. It was so nice to be living here in Ogden for once cause we were able to see her everyday for the two weeks she was in the hospital I will cherish those memories forever. I hope that I can learn to not take life forgranted and live my life so that when it does come to an end I can be able to live with my family forever.. I love you Lisa Marie!

Friday, June 12, 2009

MY Baby Sis!

This beautiful girl Katie came to visit for the week...
I Have loved it so much, I dont want her to leave, EVER!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Saint Diego mooner

I think i was trying to write something..

The cold beach..

The Stunning Temple

Cheesy little boy grin! love it

Lunch time CPK
La Jolla

Del Coronado

This was our trip to San Diego we took right after we got married, we went shopping, longboarded in La Jolla, Kayaked by seal beach, and went throught the san diego temple. It was so much fun! Our first trip alone and as hubby and wifey! Good Times!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I had the worst dream last night!! In it Kavin started hanging out with this girl and then before I knew it they were in love and he didn't want to be with me anymore.. but then i woke up and i was so releaved cause it wasn't real so I found kav and started telling him i loved him. He cut me off and said that he didnt love me anymore and was leaving me for the other girl.. and I just broke down, and it seemed like days and I kept trying to talk him out of it, but he was sooo cold. I talked to my mom and she said its okay theres other people out there, you'll be happy again but I just felt like no one else would make me feel the way he did.. And then I WOKE UP!! crying!! it felt so real! I seriously hate dreams like that.. Your mind plays crazy tricks on you.. so after i woke up I gently woke kavin up and told him, and we snuggled and he told me that would never happen and said how much he loves me. He makes me so happy! so the rest of the morning we cuddled till I had to get up for work.. I hope I don't get caught in a realistic dream like that again.. They freak me out

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rodan+Fields Dermatologists

So I just became a consultant for Rodan and Fields.. They are the creators of pro active and they now have a new full skin care line, which includes a line for sun damage, acne, anti aging, and sensitive skin. The two dermatologist Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields have made a billion dollar product with pro active and this new line is even better. About a year ago the line was sold in nordstroms and it was the top selling product.. I've been using it and my skin looks so much better and it feels amazing! I love it! So if any of you are interested in the product or want to find out how you can make some extra dough let me know and I'll get you some more info.. If you are an Esthetician or just interested in skin care and making money you should really look into this!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

showers from the wedding past

Mama, Papa, Baby


It's funny how i look like a little kid on christmas morning.. I was a little too excited! hah GROSS im jk!!
Cousins & Aunt
Ashley, Krissy, Steph, Chelsea
Love you guys!

My ma in law Geraldine! Shes da best..

cuzzy whitney.. it's funny that growing up people thought we were triplets, cause she's way cuter than me now.. amie's up there though..

Kelli bo belli!

Lisa Marie, my mama to be..

Lindsay, the most loving person you'll ever meet..

Sorry these are sooooo old, i couldnt find the cord to my camera so your just going to have to forgive me.. Thanks everyone for being there for me.. Love you all!